The Month of April


The month of April has been so busy!

There’s just something about the warm weather that bring out the submissive side of people, which I am more than delighted to take advantage of.

The biggest treat for me however, was when one of my submissive couples came back for a night filled with sweet torture. On this particular occasion I brought in Miss Naomi Fatale, for a little extra bit of fun. Together we strung them up and made them dance by dripping candle wax. Near the end of the night, Miss Naomi and I sipped wine while we had our subs perform an erotic finale. Oh what a night!

Let’s see if May will bring any more adventurous couples my way.





As most of you know by now, the Hidden Chamber let all of its’ former mistresses go, so I am happy to announce that I am independent.

You may check this website for my availability and for new clients to learn more about me and my specialties. I update weekly, so check back for any news, photos, and changes.

Feel free to contact me at: or by phone at: 1-917-3943.